Wednesday, November 28, 2012


How do you defeat the ego and still think you are wonderful

How do you become enlighten and don't retreat from the common world

How you resign to duality and yet follow the progress toward a better you

How do you release your material attachment and still live in wealth



Friday, November 16, 2012

A place in time

There is a place in time where everything happens simultaneously.

Where the distant between you and me is inexistent. When future, past and present are just one.

But today I'm in that place in time where everything is linear.

So let me tell you this:
When time will move to the place where everything happens simultaneously, these lines won't exist.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The bubble

The blurry illusion our mind needs in order to be able to define things:
Me -you, 
There - here
This - that,
Possible - impossible

We believe everything has an end:
Our skin is the ultimate layer of us
The soil ends where the sea begins
Countries finishes on their borders

But actually everything is a constant flow:
The air recognize no borders and moves freely 
Underneath the sea there are undiscovered continent where a different type of live reside
We spread ourselves around on every breath - giving away pieces of our genes
Have you ever noticed that when you touch the bubble's boundary it vanishes?

Our limits are just a mere illusion that should be set to be a goal 
Because once we reach them they transform

If you believe you can't - you won't be able
But if try to see if you can't, soon would you discover an ability within you

Defy them! 
Over and over again 
Because those limits are your bubble: once you touch it, they disappear.