Thursday, September 25, 2008

The collision

The collision (Taken from the dictionary):
1. a violent crash between moving objects
2. the conflict of opposed ideas or wishes [Latin collidere to collide]

As often as we interact as possible is the collision moments.
We (people from the "Occident") try to keep interacting even if we pay the price of having so many collisions that will leave indelible marks over our mind and soul. Keeping in mind that happiness will be achieved once we found the secret of transforming those moments, to interaction without possible collision.

Thee others (people from "Orient") suggest meditation, self encounters, life of wisdom, keep yourself inside a temple finding the way of the new life. Those techniques sounds really tempting to us, but because we are used to dynamics life, the became a real challenge.

I believe that at the end life is all about balance...
That we should incorporate some of those magic behaviors into our daily task, always realizing that we might not achieve one year of loneliness in a temple, but may be some ten minutes a day for self-connected experience.

The others might as well incorporate some of our crazy life style, having more contact. I'm sure they won't be able to have one wife, three kids, one job, and an ongoing career, but one week in a year having something similar to a crush on is already a good amount.

I can't predict the future, but I do believe if we all start doing this "globalization" of behaviors at some point the human kind will get more wisdom, and most of all more happy.