Thursday, August 8, 2013

During war and peace we grow & learn

The samurai gets trained during battles as well as in peaceful times.

The samurai takes the sword out only when needed, and keeps it in many more times when tempted

He understand that life is all about sacrifice - transforming the mundane into holy.
Therefore, he watches his stand even when smiling to the neighbours.
Makes serving tea a ritual to honour his guests, and not happy with that, keeps his attention focus on them, so to serve their desires with the kindest gestures.

He knows that battles are unavoidable, because we even ought to fight with ourselves every so often. But a good samurai chooses his battles; only entering those, that despite the result, will bring into his soul honour and growth.

She will always walk as if carrying her uniform and sword, because she knows that the lethal weapon is not hanging from her waist, but residing within. She also recognises that her investiture enters the room before she does.

She also knows that her strength doesn't come from her body, therefore nourished her fearful soul with war tales and music. She creates space for silliness to exist and behaves as if her mental capabilities were gone. She knows that wisdom can only arrive when the blurry line between logic and madness disappears.

The samurais are just like any of us, walking around in a troubling world, chased by the fears of the common live, and succumbing into the insecurities' voids. The only difference is that once the samurais have fallen down, they realise:

That habits, as well as muscles, get developed only with repetitions. So stand up once more and start  again.