Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kaleidoscope twist

The world is full of things, some of them seems to be farther from us, others closer.
What we don't have is the courage to go and pick them up, to grab then and make them part of our life.

Sometimes I seat and watch people life and the only conclusion I can find is that at the end what we have is what we want. It might not make sense to have a sad life, because who in this world will like it?

But the true is that we build ideas that become our wishes and desires. We say men don't cry, women clean, the world is full of sad people, to be rich we need to cheat... And we repeat it so often that we start believing on it truly, and then we ask ourself why I'm not rich, why I'm sad, why this world is full of insensitive men.

We are what we want to be. Just try, thinking that women can be CEO and you will see them, that men can be sensitive, and you will find them. And is not really about changing the world or "making" this things. Is simply that the world has all the alternatives, but our though ar a kaleidoscope twist the world and allow us to see what is set on it.

So let make a new filter to see new things and realize that this world has everything we can imagine but is just a matter of what we are focus on.