Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love Evolution

Recalling when you had the butterflies on your stomach when you are falling in love is quite simple to all of us. Is so simple, that we could call it a common sensation and memory. We could even agree that around the world people feel identified with similar sensation, and even in different cultures and places when talking about "falling in love" everyone seems to get the topic.

Is the crush a global sensation? or is a build up T.V feeling that we all learned to identify? Is it indeed something so similar within each person that we can track it down no matter who is experiencing it.

What is the Evolution of this initial "love"feeling? Are we able to identify them globally as a next step from the crush?

I believe that after falling in love there should be an evolution. That would take you through a different path where love won't be as intense as at the beginning, but there would still be "couple love". Is the recognition of this process that would help people to identify if their love is taking the next step or dying by its own weight.

The missing signs of what the "next step" of the couple love should be, is leading people into direction that won't make their partnership a successful one. As there would be people trying to keep this initial love alive for the rest of their time together, and when not achieving it would believe is the dead of love. And the would be others that when facing the "love dead" wont realize is time to move on.

How can love evolution be identified into stages, signs and common behaviors would help us all to understand and track where our couple love is going.