Sunday, April 29, 2012

La petite mort

The little death...
a breath that goes out to let you die in Hedone's hands
just to bring you back to life few seconds after.

Every day a little death crosses our path, even without noticing it,
as we thrive to experience only one kind of La petite mort.

When the sun shines through the window,
reaching that beautiful windowless space
and fills it with bright flow of light
one dies a little death.

When the remembrances reach the present moment
bringing someone's smile all the way from the past
with the intensity of a lively instant
one get a petit mort.

Is with the body ecstasy
that one manage to grasp
the overflowing pleasure
of melting into the magnificent

La petit mort,
be kind enough
to bring your enchantments
so the I can die while disappearing into the all


Monday, April 23, 2012


Desnudez: According to the dictionary the meaning refers to one that isn't wearing cloth.

How easy does that nudity looks like compare to the real nudity!

If I only had to take my cloth off,
I would be in complete comfort. 
Maybe some thoughts about the body shape, 
the extra fat here and there
the gravity effect over certain areas of my body
but at the end things I could simply handle.

Real nudity, that's a whole other topic
It has less to do with cloth 
and more to do with walls and mask
It goes beyond your flesh and bone 
and would exhibit the real you, 

That one hidden in the corner, hoping not to be seen

It wouldn't leave room for hiding 
No trace of shadow or darkness 
where to secretly place the shame.

Difficult task it is
to see the walls fall and stay still
get exposed by the bright light that comes in
the core you, 
that one that has scars and prettiness 
shame and pride 
living on the same space.

Nudity, is in all its shapes
something we have decided to hide forbid and forget.
only because...

It is thousand times easier
to play hide and seek
pull up the wall and makeup
than stand naked 
while the light scramble its way through
and highlights even those things
one wouldn't like to see.