Friday, October 26, 2012

When the human falls in love with the flower

Sleep left me behind 
With an wakefulness that was more than physical
Greedy for inspiration
Yearning in despair for some insight

What a dreadful game had sleep played with me?!

But Inspiration came
Reveling itself as a beguile mistress
Reminding me the feminine
Washing away my sorrow 
Painting my world in colors

It unveiled the mystery 
That mystery which surrounded my question
It explained to me the cause
And said:

When the human falls in love with the flower
It falls in love with its essence, its fragrance, its beauty, its freedom,
but soon after that, the human would try to capture the intangible
... to fence it
... to retain it 
And is then, when the flower loses its freedom, its beauty, its essence.
Taking away with it the love.

It all sounded clear and well know
Difficult to grasp, indeed
Almost impossible to achieve...

How to let go that, what is dearest to you, without knowing if you will see it again?


Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily Prayer

To you, whom escapes my consciousness...

Guide me through love, even when I fear to be hurt
Hold me still, when I try to escape
Give me peace, when I'm kin to fight
Love me, when I won't
Stand by me, when I'm risking it all

...Trust me, aware that I'll fall

...Defeat me, when I think I have it all

and if all this might fail, make sure I won't stop.