Monday, May 20, 2013


Sometimes we believe that, what we are is all there is

We cling to everything we previously had 

Unable to let go, despite the fact that it doesn't belong to us anymore.

Often, we invested so much time and effort on becoming who we are

That we can't believe is no longer true.

Everything around us changes, but we try to stay the same.

Deep inside us we are afraid that changes are going to take away who we are

We don't quite see that a tree is still a tree, even when it loses its leaves every single year.

Transformation happens all over, on our body, mind, soul and planet

It's a constant renewal that happens all around 

And with every shift something comes in and something goes out.

But we try to hold that exchange

Forgetting that if we don't let the roots grow we might never see the tree

And that the tree only become tall and robust after many winters.

We think that holding up to our believes is what keep us being who we are

But who we really are?

Are we the leaves that die every single year 

Or are we the tree that is growing stronger with every change.