Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple pieces of truth

As I travel around, in this particular train, that takes me through different worlds and shows me a window framed reality, I discover simple truths:

- Life is a beautiful experience, stained with preconception that, rather often, have no real foundation.

- A life with purpose is the best companion for Love, as it nourish it with joy. Yet, we tend to nourish Love with bitterness, because we forget about purpose and/or believe Love is a replacement

- Happiness is a status that can be achieved by doing what you want. But "want" has been banned from us since the very beginning.
And still today we think "doing what you want" is a very risky statement...

...and I agree! It might take you out of the routine ;)

- We are afraid of failure, but we don't realize that we are already experts, as we regularly fail to be fulfilled

- A smile, a hug, an act of kindness will soften even the tightest hearts... And still, sharing such things isn't a worldwide practice

- We complain because is the easiest option. And there is a seldom link with the fact that it is our only option and/or there is nothing we can do to change the cause of our complain.

- "This is the way I am" is the sentence that summarizes
"I haven't invested effort/time/money on an engaged/patiently/committed manner; to understand&develop another way, so as a result of that decision I'll  remain on my original way"

... And I agree, the second sentence is just too long :)

If you read this lines to some people, soon you'll find one person that will challenge them, because there are always exceptions, and it doesn't matter if those exceptions represent 10% of the population... They still should be consider with the same weight as the more regular cases.

Conclusion: smile, it will take you sometime to find that 10% and ask them what resonates with them :)