Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An enlightened moment


The more I try to explain and understand it the less I can express what it is.

It is like a koan, with no apparent sense or meaning, yet complete and astonishing.

Is feeling fear and breaking free within it.

It is smiling from the heart in a quite challenging yoga posture.
Like a yogi teacher told me once.

Enlightenment is the understanding that happens in the soul.

It is like the wind, the moment you hold onto it, it vanishes.

Is a happy heart, a fulfilled soul and a relaxed mind.

I heard all these words before, and they sounded mystical, beautiful, but far beyond reality.

But sometimes...

Just sometimes, something within me awakes to that reality, and it all simply makes sense.

It happens in a fraction of a second.
During breakfast or lunch.
In madness or comfort.
After hundred meditative hours or after a wild party with friends.

Basically, it could happen whenever and wherever. I can't force it or create it.

All that seems to help is: foster positive thoughts, be open to myself and relax when possible - and yet, I'm not sure if all that really helps.


But rest assured that it is worthy.

Because even when you won't understand a thing about it, neither be able to express it fully...

Is in that very moment, when everything seems to make perfect sense.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We are the owners!

We are the owner of our thoughts!

We all tend to think we are not, 
How can we be? - we ask

Let me show you an example:

It doesn't matter how much love you show to a jealous partner, they would always question your love.
Because the lens they would use, is one that doubts they are worth of love...

But, shhh,
Don't dare to tell them.
Recognizing one believes one isn't worthy is a painful moment.

Have you ever washed away a thought?
Saying - you know what? Forget it 

I'm sure we all did and would do it, with  plenty of thoughts.

The question then is:
Why does it seem we don't own all our thoughts?


Those that seems to be out of our reach are running in our build in highway - they go fast over the known and pre-rehearsed route, mostly before we can grasp them.

Ah! but that doesn't mean we are not the owner

They still are our thoughts and we can choose to have others.

In order to grasp those, we have to develop consciousness. We need to stay alert, like in a hunting game:

Here it comes! 
catch it, catch it 


Oohh is gone again...

The more we play, the better we become. 
Once we catch them, as the owners, we can decide if they stay or they go.

We are the owner of our thoughts and have the ability to change them...

Sorry thought, you are out of the game today


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Love letter to myself

Dear me,

I write this letter to express my gratitude, apologies and congratulate me on my actions.

For kindly putting up with myself
on those moments when I couldn't trust my abilities,
reminding me that I'm capable and helping me go through.

For listening
to those reckless made up stories, that I tend to pull out,
and even those crazy inconsistent thoughts that I keep bringing in and dumping out,
always with an open and friendly mind set.

For bringing painful situations,
sometimes I think they are needed, others are simply consequence I didn't foresee.

For getting on the way
of brilliant ideas, without a clear explanation.
and then making up excuses - too tired, too difficult, not for me, not right, not true, etc

For moving forward on adverse time
without giving up even when you could easily have done so.

For being courageous
to try new things and discover new horizons,
mainly on those occasion when fear and/or uncertainty are trying to take over.

Let me just close this letter with one last thought:
I love myself!
and if I forget about it on the way, don't worry, just read the line below.



* whether I believe it or not