Sunday, August 4, 2013

The messenger

I'm the messenger
Delivering the intangible
Bringing warmth with feelings
And feelings of warmth

I'm the messenger
Dropping a kiss sent from afar
Traveling through space and time
Perpetuating the moment that never occurred

I'm the messenger
Filling the soul with the essence of the unknown
Scaring the mind with uncertainty's veil
Delivering whispers to the closed eyes.

I'm the messanger
The one that connects what distance keeps apart
And as such, I'm here to deliver this message:

In the mist of the unknown 
I can't do for you what you ought to do
I can't promise eternal company
But today, I'll give you my finest thoughts
I'll sent my warmest hug and a tender kiss
And give you company even in the distance.
Tomorrow, we shall see.


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