Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Learning together

Would I be protected? - the child asked

Everyday, even those you think you are not - answered the wise man.

If I lose my shelter, would I be covered - asked the teenager

You will my dear child - answer the sage woman.

If the worst come to my life and I can't find my way out of it, would you take me out - asked the adult

I can't move you from where you decide to be, but I can shine the light on you, so the path lightens up - answer the enlightened kid.

What should I do if the ends knocks at my door when I'm not expecting it and asks if I've done all I dream of and completed all those things I've committed to - asked the old men

You should answer the true as there is nothing to hide, because when the end comes, there is no extra day to finish the open stories - answered the angelic baby.

And that what's the way ancient men and women learned from each other.


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