Thursday, August 8, 2013

How long will it take?

We are sitting on the bench, staring at the emptiness that fills the world.

I dare to ask a question that I know I shouldn't, but can't refrain - when will it be enough?

And there it comes the answer, sharp, straight, merciless:

Have you ever watch humans grow?

It takes them a life time to master the most important, yet basic, principles.  

It takes around 9 months to develop their initial version, one that is far from being able to survive on its own.

Have you ever seen how many years does it take, to any given human, to develop the ability to provide their own food and shelter? - and unsurprisingly enough it takes them longer as we speak.

Do you think 1 year is enough? - go out on the quest to find a toddler that with only 1 year is able to talk fluently.

Do you think then 10 years is enough? - recruit all those kids that can hunt&harvest by themselves at that age

But what am I saying?, if this is something you've already experienced.
It will only take few minutes to ask your mom how long it took you to be half as independent as you are today. 
Or simply ask yourself how many time did you have to repeat the same habit before it stuck with you.

In any case, if that question has to be answer, this will be it best matching pair:

It will be enough the day you have master that quest and the next repetition will be meaningless. How much time will it take is an irrelevant question. We've lost perspective on how long things take, because we don't see trees grow and turtles age that ever so often.

The question was answered, the silence was filled and the silliness released in to the void.
This mere act transformed into a higher form of energy.

I smile, because I know this is the answer I tend to forget.


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